quarta-feira, 30 de janeiro de 2013

What do you have saudade?

Saudade... How can I define this word in other language??? Ok, in English could be “miss somebody or something”. In Spanish: “echo de menos”. The translation is never the same thing, because in Portuguese, it is a word full of feelings. It’s something reserved for that kind of special moments. 
Looking the Facebook, I realized that today is the Saudade Day. So, what do you have saudade? I miss many things. I miss those things that are in the past with the good nostalgia’s taste. Things that were usually for me and they are temporarily suspended. Things with that I dreamed for a long time and now I don’t dream anymore. 
My mother’s smile, my father’s daily questions, the movie with the boyfriend, the beer with friends… I miss turning on the TV and the TV News in Portuguese, the coconut salesman shouting the coconute’s price on the beach, the smell of the sea, the samba batucada… There are so many things.
But… Every time I feel the saudade in my heart I think that is part of my life. Probably, in ten years I will remember this time living abroad missing so many things, exactly how I miss many things today. 
Happy Saudade Day!

... Inspired in Danielle's Muniz Facebook Text. :)

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