quinta-feira, 31 de janeiro de 2013

About Social Networks, Google Glasses and devices.

When the community’s management teacher asked in class if the social networks increase isolation or community, I remembered of one things I heard occasionally in a bar in Brazil. Two friends were talking about how fast the new media is, when one of them said: The social networks approach who is far and dismiss who is close.

I never forgot this statement. When I watched the video about the Google Glasses Project, it was like gloves in my hands. I didn't know that guy and never saw him again. However, I totally agree with him. Yes, is true that we are, even more, enjoying the technological possibilities provided by the social media. And yes, this is amazing. Who doesn’t like to speak, at the same time, with friends who are living in Japan and in Canada by whatsapp? Or having news of your school friends through facebook? Can you imagine making a special music videofor your boyfriend/girlfriend showing the most beautiful live sunset, asthe guy of video?

With so many advantages is difficult to see a possible negative side for social network and their devices. Some people might say that is too much exposure or information, but in general the social networks have the sympathy of everybody. However, there is one thing I particularly hate, not in the media, but in people who are using them. I hate when people can’t control how long they spend checking their own accounts. It is terrible when you are having lunch with somebody, who doesn’t stop looking at the mobile. This is about the guy I mentioned before.  

In general I consider the social networks very important and practical. I can see many advantages in them. While maintaining contact with many people, I make good use for news and general information. In special with the devices that are being developed. 

Answering the teacher’s question: Social networks must be used with moderation. With balance they increase the best of the isolation and the community. And technology just can approach us.

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  1. Love it: The social networks approach who is far and dismiss who is close

    Actually it is true. More and more, people ask ofr meeting without mobiles, or dinners with Plane Mode ON.