segunda-feira, 4 de fevereiro de 2013

Ranking good ideas.

Some days afo I knew a digital resource to rank the main daily news. The Niagara Rank web site uses the Twitter to follow the most commented topics on internet. It's a very interesting and innovative project. I had never seen a similar project. The idea was inspirated in a similar American project, Digg.

Niagara Rank is a Spanish news aggregator, which follows thousand of people to identify what are the best and more topics on internet. I had the opportunity to see a presentation about the project, done by one of the Niagara Rank's creators, Luistxo Fernandez . He define himself as a Basque journalist in another life. 

The Niagara started the operation few time ago, in January 7. The proposal is ranking twitters and topics. It is dividing everything in topics. For this, they are using only algorithms. And, of course, the social nerworks are the more relevant references. 

So, visit Niagara Rank!!!