sábado, 26 de janeiro de 2013

Journalism is a business: Is Breaking News a commodity?

In this exact moment, millions of people everywhere are connected on the most famous social networks, interacting with friends, researching for some information and consuming all kind of news are being produced on the internet. According to the report of International Telecommunication Union, more than one billion of people are using some kind of social networks. Many of these people inform themselves using these resources. More than this, there are people that decide which source of information will buy, after consulting the internet.

The traditional journalism is changing. The communication companies are trying to meet customers’ demands, producing content more fast and easy. For this reason, the Breaking News are, even more, valued than years ago. Today the competition is bigger. 

Be faster and dynamic can make the difference for credibility and also for the communication companies’ revenue. See the Breaking News as commodities may be a good solution for the future. We know that the news were always a business for the communication companies, but nowadays it is important consider that are many aggregate value for this kind of “product”. The internet expanded the business possibilities for the journalism. The internet also expanded the possibilities to make journalism. 

Of course, we can’t forget that as journalist, we have the obligation with ethics and truth. But every journalist also has to consider that are producing a kind “product”, usually, well evaluated. 

Commodity is a generic term used to describe items “wants or needs”. The term can complain products or services consumed in everywhere. The Breaking News are completely inside this context. As the coffee, sugar, iron ore or oil, the Breaking News are wanted, needed and can be a very profitable business. It’s time to see this without prejudice.     

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  1. Nice analysis. Check this out...

  2. And the value of journalism? Twitter gives you just 140 chances to tell a story... :)

    G post!

    1. Hi Dani, thanks. Well... the twitter is very useful, but we can't forget about the special and investigative reports. I believe there's space for every kind of information with credibility.

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